TReNDS Kaggle Competition

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During the pandemic and the associated lockdown, we decided with fellow Parietal team members to participate in a Kaggle challenge in order to strenghten the team’s bond. This challenge was particularly well-suited for the team because it was dealing with data that we are used to; brain data.

It was really thrilling to be able to work on a common topic even though we were all far away.

I particularly liked how this challenge was the opportunity for David Sabbagh to apply his research of manifold regression for M/EEG data.

Other major team members were Thomas Bazeille and Jerome Dockes, although others have tried to participate.

We ended up finishing with a silver medal in the top 2%, without using deep learning (despite all my efforts).

Zaccharie Ramzi
Zaccharie Ramzi
Postdoc Researcher in Deep Learning

I am a Postdoc Researcher interested in all things Deep Learning, Computer Vision and AI for Healthcare and the greater good. I did my PhD under the supervision of Philippe Ciuciu and Jean-Luc Starck at NeuroSpin, Inria - Parietal and Cosmostat.